Today’s Energy Solutions for Tomorrow’s Environment

Energy, Inc., was founded in 1991 as a contract engineering and manufacturing company focused on developing new technologies and manufacturing processes in a variety of industries. Over the years Energy, Inc.’s forward thinking and innovative research and product development has resulted in numerous United States and International patents and Patents Pending in industries such as energy, transportation, asset tracking and data management, pneumatic tools and equipment, electronics, software, materials processing, and RF wireless to name a few.

Energy, Inc., has since become a leader in the energy technology design and development field, focused on designing, developing, and deploying new technologies and manufacturing processes for economical, environmentally friendly, efficient, and sustainable energy/agriculture production, utilization and distribution on a global scale. Over the years Energy, Inc.’s, unique access to the world’s top scientists, engineers, technical experts, and visionaries in multiple fields of discipline has resulted in forward thinking and innovative research, product design, and development with a visionary approach to global solutions.

Energy, Inc.’s, proprietary technology includes the world’s most cost effective environmentally friendly natural gas compressors for residential and commercial use, economically feasible environmentally friendly heavy oil recovery technology, and the world’s only zero carbon emissions power plants for coal and all other fossil fuels without carbon sequestering underground. Energy, Inc.’s proprietary power plant technology can be implemented on existing coal and all fossil fuel fired power plants. This technology will double the electricity output of existing power plants from the same fuel supplies. Energy, Inc.’s proprietary technology regarding zero landfill waste management protocol is the most environmentally friendly and economically viable solution to all nation’s solid and liquid waste disposal issues.

Energy, Inc.’s, proprietary energy technology and protocols were designed to be deployed in emerging economies throughout the world to aid the developing countries such as China, reducing the existing carbon footprint per capita without increasing the consumption level of current fossil fuels thus curtailing the greenhouse gas emissions to reduce their dependence on outside energy sources while at the same time stabilizing world energy markets for both industry and consumers. This technology could be deployed in North America and Europe as well as other countries.

Energy, Inc., is seeking partner nations to deploy its proprietary technology and protocols throughout the world. By utilizing Energy, Inc.’s, proprietary system, a biologically green and clean process, the nation and its local communities benefit from abundant cheap electricity, cheap food production, clean air, lowered healthcare cost, and increased employment, all while adding no additional greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

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Freedom FuelerPersonal Refueling System

Secure Our Fuel, Secure Our Future

The Freedom Fueler™ is a revolutionary new compressor system design for refueling Natural Gas (CNG) powered vehicles at your own home. The Freedom Fueler™ is the culmination of years of research and development aimed at designing a complete Personal Refueling System℠ that delivers CNG vehicle fuel at an economical cost to the consumer. Through years of conducting CNG vehicle studies, researching countless technologies and exploring forward thinking concepts, Energy, Inc., has developed and successfully applied new technologies and manufacturing processes to its Personal Refueling System℠ known as the Freedom Fueler™. The Personal Refueling System℠ known as the Freedom Fueler™ will deliver two (2) Gas Gallon Equivalent (GGE) of Natural Gas fuel per hour at 3,600 psi and operates on 208/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz single phase power. The Freedom Fueler™ is compact, quiet and efficient and can refuel one (1) or two (2) vehicles at the same time.

The Personal Refueling System℠ known as the Freedom Fueler™ is the future of vehicle refueling. not only for the United States but for the entire world as well.

Energy, Inc., is currently seeking partners to help deploy its Personal Refueling System℠ known as the Freedom Fueler™ If you or anyone you know is an interested party, please contact Energy, Inc., and someone from Energy, Inc., will be in contact with you for further discussions.